This Year, Expect the Unexpected

New technologies at the heart of the system make your computer more reliable, capable and responsive — Introducing the new redesigned UI with BackSlash Shell v2.0, BackSlash Linux Kristoff is going to lay the foundation for future innovations. With more professional design, refinements, and a lot of new features, It’s BackSlash at its highest level yet. Coming later this year.

More Devices. More Fun!

BackSlash Linux Kristoff Ships with the new custom Hardware Enablement (HWE) Kernel support which ensures that your Kernel always keeps up to date and your device is supported even if was launched after the release of software.

The Awesome Login Screen

BackSlash  Linux Kristoff ships with a new always updating aerial video background login screen, making your PC look even more cool when you are logged out.

A Sidebar indeed!

Break free with the BackSlash Shell Sidebar which puts all the necessities under a single hood.


BackSlash Sidebar is cohesively designed to fit with the look and feel of KDE Plasma looks more professional than ever and is way more powerful than anything else. 


A single sidebar which is one place for all notifications, devices, networks, status icons and pretty much everything. 


Enhanced and in-depth control of each setting and tweak adding more functionality to Plasma.

Let the “Cover” Flow!

BackSlash Linux Kristoff includes the new Task Switcher called “Cover Flow Switcher” which shows beautiful cover flow art animation while you press Alt+Tab to switch tasks.

Your Fingerprint is your password!

Experience hassle free and passwordless computing with the inbuilt fingerprint recognition system on BackSlash Linux Kristoff.


Just swipe your finger on your biometric device whenever you need to type a password, be it the "sudo" command in terminal, authenticating apps, installing and removing software or your login screen - we got you covered!


Having your fingerprint enabled in your device, the access of the device is restricted to only the people who have their fingerprint stored.

*available only on supported devices

Discover all features

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